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Custom Electronics Development for Physics Research

With extensive experience and a penchant for detail to further your basic R&D or product development program, GENVAC offers specialized design services ranging from basic vacuum system controls to complex customized electronics, isolated power supplies, high-voltage pulsers, especially addressing the challenges of “floating” measurements and weak signal detection.

From concept to production we can provide evaluation, design, and manufacturing ranging from single items to medium quantities and support the transition to quantity production according to the complexity and time-frame required.

Ranging from basic utility to complex and state-of the-art, here is a sampling:

  • 6kV and 20kV “floating” Pulse Generators
  • Low-Capacitance “floating” (30-pF, 20kV isolation) Power Supply Platform
  • 10kV Cable Assembly for Teraphysics 94GHz TWT
  • Basic Bake-Out Heater Controller (Low-Tech but User Serviceable!)
  • Gate-Valve Controller (simple but Crucial High Vacuum System Protection)
  • Quartz Crystal X-Ray Analysis Ratemeter (Specialized Industry)
  • Red-Blue Optical Analyzer prototype for Fused Quartz Analysis.

For all inquiries regarding custom electronics please contact us today!