Genvac Aerospace Inc. located in the beautiful suburbs of Highland Heights Ohio was formed by Gerald T. Mearini in 1998. The unique technological advantage of Genvac Aerospace is its scientific expertise coupled with deep experience in surface physics and electro-optical coating technology. These capabilities position Genvac to design, develop and produce challenging optical coatings that enable state-of-the-art customer vision systems.

genvacsignTwo members of the Genvac Aerospace team, including the company founder Dr. Gerald T. Mearini, received a Ph.D. in thin film physics from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) with extensive background and study of mechanical properties of thin films, thin film deposition and surface physics. Dr. Mearini studied under R.W. Hoffman, a world renowned pioneer in the mechanical properties of thin films, at the Thin Film Surface Science Laboratory at CWRU.

In addition to the extensive surface physics and thin film coating expertise, Genvac Aerospace has developed a skilled and versatile team of electro-optical thin film deposition experts. Dr. Hsiung Chen, Vice President and General Manager of Genvac thin film coating operations, received his Ph.D. in plasma physics under Dr. John Angus of Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Chen is a recognized expert in the usage of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology for application of diamondlike carbon coating on infrared transmissive and other materials. Robert Kunszt has been with Genvac from its inception as engineering manager, with responsibility for tooling design, coating chamber support, facility/equipment operations and company computer systems.

Genvac Aerospace has a team of season professionals ready to provide you with the best possible service. Contact us today so see what we can do for you.